Affiliated Ai-Business Entities

Joseph Alexander owns several business entities. An overview is provided below of those business entities most closely affiliated with Ai-TS.

Ai-Consulting Services, LLC (Ai-CS)

The owner founded Ai-CS in 2014 to provide continued technical support to the commercial nuclear industry. Ai-CS conducted a comprehensive Phase I ESA for a former nuclear facility in Oak Ridge, TN. The owner evaluated potential surface water, sediment, groundwater, and vapor intrusion pathways in the vicinity of the facility as part of a property redevelopment options under consideration.

Joseph Alexander has served as a trusted technical advisor to the commercial nuclear industry throughout his professional career. Highlights of a few notable nuclear projects he directed are found on the second page of the adjacent Ai-CS profile.

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Ai-Remedial Systems, LLC (Ai-RS)

Joseph Alexander founded Ai-RS in 2015 to offer the site remediation industry a cost-effective groundwater containment and treatment system (the patented SubflowRx). The founder recognized an unmet need that exists for a reliable, energy efficient, low maintenance, modular, and cost effective in-situ groundwater remediation system to treat a wide range of contaminants. Such a system should generate minimal hazardous materials for disposal and should enable subsurface treatment media to be easily exchanged without risking escape of contaminants.

The partners at Ai-RS set out to solve this unmet need by conceptualizing and patenting an innovative system for passively treating contaminated groundwater – the SubflowRx – with related patents pending (see adjacent overview of the SubflowRx).

The subsurface impervious sheet pile hydraulic barrier wall of the SubflowRx diverts contaminated groundwater toward treatment gates (a PileGate), connected to the wall with vertical interlocks. A replaceable cartridge filled with commercially available or customized treatment media (the CartridgeRx) is sealed inside each PileGate between vertically offset inlet and outlet screens.

The natural hydraulic gradients driving plume migration are used to slowly direct contaminated groundwater through the system for in-situ treatment. The ability to frequently and efficiently replace a CartridgeRx enables the SubflowRx to be used for aggressive treatment near source areas, where high contaminant mass flux will consume treatment media quickly.

The SubflowRx can also be used more passively to contain and treat lower contaminant concentrations in plumes downgradient from source areas, where the CartridgeRx would be replaced less frequently. A common application of plume control downgradient would be preventing contaminants from migrating across a property line or towards a drinking water well.

A common traditional remedial technique pumps groundwater to the surface for treatment. The “pump-and-treat” method can be effective, but mechanical equipment must run continuously, often for decades, at a high cost. Instead, the SubflowRx operates passively with no external energy source.

The SubflowRx also overcomes the design, performance, and longevity concerns associated with conventional permeable reactive barriers (PRBs). Although sometimes effective, PRBs are not widely adopted because they are unpredictable and cannot be easily serviced or adjusted after installation.

Harnessing natural groundwater gradients to direct flow vertically through a replaceable CartridgeRx – all in situ in the subsurface environment – is the main innovation of the SubflowRx. The resulting water-treatment system is sustainable (i.e., no external energy source required to operate) and is resilient to most natural disasters (i.e., protected below the ground surface).

Working on behalf of Ai-RS – Ai-TS is the only company currently licensed to design and work with remediation contractors to install the SubflowRx (

Alexander Innovations, LLC (Ai)

Ai is an intellectual property holding company founded by Joseph Alexander in 2009. Ai forms subsidiary companies (like Ai-RS) and establishes equity-based partnerships with individuals to further develop and help commercialize some of the founder's most promising innovations from his large portfolio of intellectual property. These innovations range from mechanical devices to web-based, decision-support tools that have been used by clients to solve challenging technical problems while reducing their operating costs.

The founder has developed a proprietary 45-step process that he uses – along with input from independent business advisors – to assess whether or not to pursue an innovation for commercialization, and if so, what form of intellectual-property protection may be warranted. If a decision is made to proceed, the detailed steps and procedures outlined in the process diagram are followed, and used with key decision points along the multi-year investment path.

Ai and its subsidiaries have utility patents issued from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and have other patents pending and/or in development. The Ai logo is a registered mark with the USPTO and used in each of the founder’s business entities. Other trademarks are currently in use by the Ai-business entities along with trade secrets and numerous copyrighted works.